Industrial Roofing

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Industrial Roofing in Bishop Auckland

Whether you need us to repair your roof or need a complex installation, at Ascent Roofing Ltd, we provide it all. We are trusted traders for installing Industrial Roofing, Bishop Auckland. 

Our experienced staff can repair and install large steel roofing, rubber roofing and other industrial roofing systems at great prices.

Why Upgrade Your Roof?

Whether it’s due to external factors such as a major storm which has resulted in roof damage or general wear and tear over many years now coming to a head, re-roofing your premises holds many benefits.

Long-term money saver

A new roof may be expensive, but in comparison minor repairs over time you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Increases property value

A new roof will appeal to all buyers. A new roof provides ‘curb appeal’ and increase the value.

Protecting your building.

A new roof can put you in front of any major problems such as structural damage, leaks, mould.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A new roof today has new materials and options to ultimately provide better insulation to keep heat in therefore saving you money.

Reputable, accredited roofers

Providing Safe Industrial Roofing, Bishop Auckland

Our aim is to always provide customers with the safest solutions to their roofing needs. As a result, we are fully trained in health and safety. We are experienced so that when a potential hazard occurs such as potential roof collapsing, we can attend and resolve the problem efficiently and safely. In addition, we pride our selves on having excellent customer care and transparent communication. Additionally, our team is qualified to remove asbestos.

Do you need help in resolving an asbestos problem in your unit?

We supply and install industrial roofing, Bishop Auckland. Get in touch with Ascent Roofing Ltd for a free no-obligatory quote today on 0845 688 4495.

We Also Offer

Industrial Cladding

We are experts in composite & woodgrain Cladding. We have provided cladding to commercial and domestic customers to protect their building from wind, rain and rot.

Rainwater Systems

We specialise in rainwater systems for any sized building. We also provide liquid coatings to flat roofing systems and guttering to make them more durable.

Flat Roof Systems

Whether you need a single ply roof or fribreglass roofing, we are the company you can trust. We supply and install a diverse range of flat roof systems.

How We Work

Our team of professionals are equipped with the tools, materials, and expertise for long lasting industrial roofing, Bishop Auckland



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