Industrial Cladding
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Commercial & Industrial Cladding

If you have a big project or existing unit that requires cladding installation, at Ascent Roofing Ltd, we can do it all. We are trusted traders for installing Industrial Cladding, Bishop Auckland.

Our highly trained team can install many types of cladding such as compost, fibre cement, to suit your needs.

How Can Cladding Help You?

Whether it’s due to external factors such as a major storm which has resulted in having to re-point your brickwork or in general the front of your building looks dull or basic, cladding your premises has many benefits.

If the building is perfect for your business but externally it requires an upgrade, cladding can be the perfect solution.

Low Maintenance 

Industrial Cladding is low maintenance in comparison to wood, stone or brick. Cladding is extremely resistant and only requires occasional cleaning, depending on colour or texture.

Increases Property Value

Installing cladding will provide a modern, fresh front that will appeal to all buyers. Naturally, cladding provides curb appeal and will increase the value of your building.

Protect Your Property

Installing Cladding can protect your building from harsh environments and external elements such as rain and wind. As a result, it will provide a secure, protective layer.

Increase Structural Strength

Large cladded buildings are far more protected from the harsh elements, cracks from seasonal temperature changes, water absorption and a range of pollutants compared to non-clad properties.

Reputable, accredited roofers

Providing Secure Industrial Cladding, Bishop Auckland

Ascent Roofing Ltd always provides customers with the best options for their cladding needs. As a result, we have installed cladding on many new buildings and sites. We are experts so that when a customer comes to us for a quote, we can be competitive and provide our portfolio of previous jobs.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our customer care and transparent communication throughout each job. Additionally, our team is qualified to remove old cladding to recycle.

Do you need a modern solution to protect your unit?

We supply and install industrial cladding in Bishop Auckland. Get in touch with Ascent Roofing Ltd for a free no-obligatory quote today on 0845 688 4495.

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